Replica Handbags Website Review

There is no other thing more divine in this world than a brand new designer handbag. is completely aware of this so it tempts us with an impressive collection of beautiful luxury replica purses at very low prices. If you are searching for a new beautiful LV, Prada or Hermes then this may be the perfect place for you to start.

The design of the website isn’t that spectacular. It is basically a white page with a couple of buttons, a wide banner and a large list of links located on the bottom of the screen. The only thing that saves this disgracious aesthetic is the very wide selection of fake products it carries- handbags, clothing, jewelry and sunglasses are just a few of the items available here.

Getting back to what really interests us- bags- the collection is very diversified and large. There are many famous designers listed in its menu and every single one of them includes a hundreds of models. The only thing that makes it very difficult for us to enjoy this wide and beautiful selection is the fact that the purses aren’t divided into sub-collections are there is no filter either to sort them.

The purses are average priced. What does this mean? It means that the wallets cost about $70-$100, the small size bags cost $100-$200 while the large purses cost about $200-$350. The luggage collection s the priciest one as these range from $300 to $600, pending on the size and complexity of the design.

I do not like the fact that you can’t order the products directly on the website as there is no Add to Cart button. The order can be placed by sending an email with the order details. After this, they will probably reply with a quote for the products.

Another negative thing is that there is no information on the website about the payment methods they accept. On the Payment page it only says to contact the company if you need information about their payment policy. I think it is bad business for a replica handbags company to not clearly state on the site what its policies and conditions are.

The same thing goes for the shipping details. These aren’t clearly explained. It just says that orders over $200 get free delivery while orders for less than $200 will be charged according to the destination country and to contact the company to request further details.

Surprise surprise! There is nothing mentioned about the return and warranty policies either. This makes me very reluctant about trusting the company. I just can’t force myself to order a replica purse from an online store that isn’t honest and transparent about the most important parts of its business. claims to offer 24/7 customer service, but this is completely untrue. There is no phone number where you can call them and talk to an agent nor a chat service available. You only have the option of emailing them by using a very unprofessional and unsecure Gmail account. And who knows in how much time they will bother to answer.

The things that make you want to order a replica handbag from are its very large and varied collection of beautiful replica designer purses, the low prices and the free delivery for orders over $200, but at the same time there are numerous things that indicate that this isn’t such a wise decision. And these are- you can’t order directly on the website, the customer service is difficult to reach and there is no information on the website about its payment and return policies.


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