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Dolce&Gabbana has always been a unique designer for me; I have always appreciated the style, the quality and the great taste of this brand, but I have to admit that I never achieved anything they created, I really don’t have a reason for that and this is actually my first review for a D&G product.


The bag I want to tell you about today is a Dolce&Gabbana Sicily handbag in Dauphine leather. This bag is very appreciated among women that love chic and sophisticated purses, ladies that have great taste for fashion and style.

Elegance, great design, romantic details and endless beauty are the main characteristics of the D&G Sicily handbag. The inspiration for creating this stunning purse came from the beautiful Italian Island, Sicily. This is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the most beautiful region in the world from an archaeological and naturalistic point of view, according to Unesco.


Dolce&Gabbana produced these bags in plenty of sizes, materials and colors, but from all of these, the most appreciated are the Sicily medium size Dauphine leather ones.

Due to the complexity of the shape and construction, due to the sophisticated details and superior materials, the craftsmanship and the other elements that enrich the design, this purse is very difficult to replicate. This is why it is very hard to find a similar replica of the D&G Sicily on the market.


The structure of this bag is unique; it has a rectangular front that is beautifully complemented by rounded, full sides that are slimmer on the upper part and more pronounced on the bottom. One of the details that put into difficulty the replica manufacturers are the two leather cylinders, that can be seen on the top of the D&G Sicily bag. These two give an elegant and unique construction to the purse and they don’t always manage to perfectly replicate them. They are usually shorter than the original ones and they are not as fluid and natural looking as they should be.


The Dauphine leather is hard to replicate too, especially the pink one. The cloned purses come in lighter leather colors than the originals, and usually they don’t respect the pattern and sometimes instead of the genuine color, the add a different one, for example the pink Dauphine leather genuine D&G Sicily purse comes with pink margin of the leather and the replica one has black margin. This makes the fake bag very easy to spot and I am sure this is not something that you’ll desire when you order a replica online.


You may also find differences in the interior of the bag. The original D&G Sicily handbag has cotton interior with Leo print, the inside mirror personalized with the “Sicily” writing, the interior zip pocket and smartphone pocket and the gold metal studs located on the base of the purse. Also, this purse comes with a dust bag that also has the brand’s logo.


The Italian original purses are flawless and sometimes the replicas are poorly manufactured, and even if the stitches are even and there are no visible loose threads, the bag may look very bad. The hardware may have the same color, but if it is not polished as nice as the genuine one and the lettering is thicker and not as deep and visible as the original one, the purse will look cheap and this is not what you want when you buy a fake bag. The main idea of buying a replica purse is having almost the same quality for a much affordable price.




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