How to Buy a Replica Handbag Online Without Getting Scammed by Fake Purses Stores

Purchasing replica bags is a real phenomenon these days. The only reason for this is the outrageous price of authentic designer bags. I’m not saying that buying fake bags is the right thing to do, but it is surely isn’t something you can’t relate with. We live in a world where we are daily overwhelmed with advertisements for luxury products: clothing, shows, jewelry, bags, perfumes and many others. Luxury is extensively promoted to the masses, even if this is out of reach for many of us. It has become a real cult- to own as many brand valuables as possible. If you have something that is generic ( aka no famous brand name on it) then you aren’t interesting, cool or stylish. We didn’t ask this, it is something that brands have built over the years. Replica handbags are also the result of the luxury market. They have increased their prices so much while promoting the image of luxury and opulence that those who couldn’t afford the real thing turned their attention towards replica stores. For many of us who can’t afford the real thing, but still want to enjoy beautiful purses and that luxurious feel or carrying a brand bag, this a replica handbag is the only reasonable option.

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But buying a replica bag online has its risks, risks that we need to assume with each order we place. We don’t know if we can trust the store, we don’t actually know what quality we will be receiving and we don’t know if the company will repair or replace the fake purse if it breaks or isn’t what we like. This is why it is highly important that, we, replica handbags customers keep an open bridge for communication. We must share with each other our experiences about online shopping and keep the replica marker safe for us and other shoppers as well. If we spread the word around about what are the most trustworthy companies and what are the scams then we will make a difference. We and others will know how to buy a replica handbag without getting scammed. I have started this post to remind you about the goal of my blog and to invite you to share your experiences here, with all of us.

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And I think it is only fair for me to start this discussion by telling you what the most important things are when you buy a replica handbag online.

  1. Select a couple of websites that appear to be reputable

The first step is to browse the Internet, read reviews on blogs, forums and other sources, and select a couple of replica handbags websites that seem trustworthy. When your searches and selections are over, you should have at least 3 options. Forums and blogs are great for finding out all kind of indiscrete info about replica bags stores. Here, people who have purchased fake purses have the freedom of expressing everything they either loved or hated about a certain company. These comments can’t be deleted or banned by the stores so these are really the most trusted sources you will ever find online.

  1. Pay attention to the looks of the website

Any reputable company knows that appearance is important, especially on the Internet. This is why all legitimate and trustworthy companies have a professional looking website. The Internet site must be professionally designed, friendly, easy to navigate and pleasant to look at. What are the main things you need to be on the lookout for? That’s easy!

–         The website must have an icon at the top of the page that allows you to easily access the shopping cart at any time and see what replica handbags you have already added and your total until that moment. Also, the shopping cart should have the option to enter a discount code. This shows that the company is keen on rewarding its customers with discounts and promotions.

–         A search box should be on the top of the page just as when you access any part of the fake purses collection, an advanced search bar should appear to allow you to quickly sort the products and retrieve just the styles that match your preferences.

–         Social interaction is important and this is why you should check if the website has sharing buttons for the most important social networks.

–         Communication is the basis of a satisfactory purchase and all reputable replica handbags stores should have an easy to reach customer service department. The phone number, email address and live chat button should be functional and listed in the main sections of the page.

–         The information on the pages needs to be well organized and the images need to be very clear and professional looking.

–         Serious companies keep the interest of their customers by regularly having discounts and offers. These should be presented on the homepage, shopping cart and other important pages on the site.

–         There should be a box for Joining the Newsletter. Liable replica bags stores keep their customers connected by sending them important news weekly.

–         Solid replica websites have a wide network of customers and partners and this is why it should present on its page detailed information about its drop shipping and affiliate program.

–         All the important information pages should be easy to view and access. These pages are: Payment Policy, Shipping Policy, Return Policy, FAQ, Guarantee and Contact.


  1. Read the texts on the website

Most of replica handbags companies are based in China. This is because China is the most permissive countries of all for replica manufacturers. There you can manufacture and sell any product without any major legal worries. There is a broad market for supplying your factories with high quality materials, skillful craftsmen to make the fake purses and the possibility of easily shipping the goods all around the world. Some of these companies know how to sell their products online professionally while others do not. You can identify the professional companies that invest in their image and in customer service by reading the texts from the website. If the text is in incoherent English then you should stay away from this replica bags store. It is not a professional one. If the texts are clear and correct then this company is obviously one that deserves our trust and attention.

  1. See if the collection is wide and diverse

A replica handbags merchant with experience on the market works with large suppliers and is able to offer a very large and diverse selection of brands and designs. This is why you should check very well the entire collection and see how wide and interesting the replica bags really are. But beware of those replica websites that have a list of designers that long that you get tired of scrolling down to the bottom of it. Obviously, a company can’t find the same quality for all of the fake products it stocks and this is why any company must be selective about the brands and products it offers. It is better to offer a medium size collection at a very high quality than a shockingly large collection at inferior quality. The best replica bags that are manufactured anywhere on the globe are Louis Vuitton so the fake websites that sell Louis Vuitton and 3-5 other brands are the ones that are very selective and keen on offering the best quality on the market.

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5 Check if the Refund, Warranty and Shipping Policies are detailed on the site

It is highly important that you fully understand the policies of the company before you submit the order. Read the pages dedicated to the return, replacement, repairs and shipping policies very well. See if these cover anything that might happen with your replica bag after you get it- different than pictured online, defective, shipping delays, lost in the mail or you may simply not like it. Does the company offer any solution in these cases? But you must also be careful as some companies post deceiving information on these pages that are meant to trick us into believing that the satisfaction of our order is a sure thing. Professional companies that respect their warranties are the ones that present their policies very specific. They detail any event that might affect the satisfaction of your purchase.

  1. The pictures must be of their actual replica handbags

Some fake purses stores present very beautiful pictures, too beautiful to be true. And this most often means that they use photos of the original bags or photos copied from other sources. After browsing through a couple of these replica stores you start noticing the differences between the style used to take the photos, between the pictures that are of their actual stock or the pictures that might be copied from other places. Each reputable replica handbag store has a particular style of making its photos, a style that is easy to spot. Also, when you are investing money in photographing all your products, you make sure you make a lot of them so you have what to show to your customers so there should be at least 10 different images showing the products from all possible angles. Also, these images should be of very high quality and most often have the option of enlarging some parts of the photo. Furthermore, all products should feature the same style of photos, number of images per replica bag and quality.

  1. Communication

This refers to customer service- the most important part of a shopping experience. There are so many things that can go wrong with an online order, regardless of the type of product you buy- authentic or not. You can by mistake order an incorrect model, your bank can decline the payment, you can change your mind and want to cancel to replace the product from the order with a different one, the package can be delayed by the delivery company, the delivery man might just leave the package in front of your order while no one is home, you might want to return it or replace it. There are many possible scenarios. And all these can be resolved only if a professional, friendly and responsive communication channel is ensured. This is why you should never ever place an order online before you contact customer care by phone, email and chat and test the quality of their services. If they answer quickly, polite and transparent then you don’t have anything to worry about.

These are just a few of the very important things you must consider before ordering a replica online. All the above tips are detailed in the numerous posts presented on my blog. These were written with the purpose of helping you differentiate the trustworthy replica bags stores from the scams. If you are an experienced shopper then I invite you to share your opinions with us, to teach us a little bit more about the subtle art of ordering fakes on the Internet. Also, if you are a rookie and want to understand all these as much as possible then please feel free to ask me anything about buying replica bags online. I will be glad to help.

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