How to Spot a Fake Hermes Togo Birkin 30

The Birkin bag is one of the most sought after bags in the world. It is an extremely pricy ad exclusive brand that isn’t accessible to everyone. This has represented the key of its success, the path towards our minds and passion. We all want to own a Birkin handbag, we all want to walk down the street feeling glamorous and outrageously chic with our new and expensive purse on our arm, but this is not a feeling meant for all of us fashion passionate women. The price tag manages to keep us far away from this holy grail of designer bags.

And what if there’s a way? This is exactly what replica manufacturer asked them before they started reproducing thousands of Birkin models turning this brand into one of the most replicated one on the globe. In time, the Birkin replica became so exact and so good that it was almost impossible to tell it apart from the original one. But there are still some clues that can help us spot a poorly made Birkin replica bag.

For today’s handbag review, I have selected the Hermes Togo Birkin 30 and I will present a short guide that will teach you how to differentiate a poor replica bag from the authentic one.

hermes togo birkin

Don’t be fooled by the price! A Birking bag will always be expensive even if it is a used one even if it is a good quality Hermes Togo Birkin 30 replica. If you find a deal that seems unrealistically good, do not get yourself too excited. It is surely a scam. Birkin bags will never cost less than a couple thousand dollars.

The authentic Birkin Togo 30 bag is made using the best real leather there is. The texture of this leather is pretty unique and it determines the entire shape and feel of the purse. The texture resembles to a large grainy pattern and it feels incredibly soft and resistant. A Birkin Togo replica will use inferior quality leather, that will not be as soft and firm, and its texture will be the one of very small grains and it will also be exaggeratedly shinier. And always trust your smell! If a Birkin bag smells unpleasant, like overly chemically processed then this surely means that it is a replica. Also, the special leather used on the authentic Birkin Togo bag is firm and allows the bag and the handles to stand tall by its self without bending or making any creases even if it is empty.

Each Hermes Birking Togo 30 bag is handmade and is flawless. The stitching is also perfectly made. Because it is made by hand, it is a saddle stitching that has no imperfections. No loose threads, no gaps or unequal spaces between stitches.

On the leather part that resembles to a belt which closes in the front side, the Hermes Birkin Togo 30 has a very distinctive embossing that indicates the age and the artisan’s ID. The letters and numbers are printed perfectly and you can clearly read them out. A replica will have unclear lettering, making it harder for you to understand the text.

The Hermes logo is on the exterior front part of the Birkin Togo bag and it is printed on two different rows. The first one says “Hermes Paris” and the second one says “Made in France”. The authentic Togo 30 will always have a clear embossed logo without any smudges or irregularities.

The Hermes Birkin Togo 30 bag has a silver hardware that looks extremely shiny and classy. Each piece of metal is carefully engraved with the Hermes logo, there are no exceptions. Also, the quality of the craftsmanship is flawless. A replica bag will have a light weighted hardware that will not be nicely finished on the edges.

A Hermes Birking Togo 30 will always be delivered with a light beige or orange color dust bag that will have a dark brown Hermes logo on it. A replica Birkin Togo will most likely come with a grey color dust bag that will have a burgundy colored logo. The quality of the materials used for the original dust bag is very good. For example, the drawstrings are made from 100% cotton.

Never take anything for granted when it comes to a Hermes Togo Birkin 30 bag. It is a highly elitist design that is incredibly expensive. You can’t find it at a low price and no one will make you a good deal for an original one. Follow these guidelines and learn how to spot a fake Birkin and save yourself from the shame of wearing a poorly made replica and everyone else realizing it. Be wise and make sure you buy an authentic looking Togo Birkin 30 bag that will help you look sensational!

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  1. Thanks!
    I was looking for these tips on the web so I can finally buy a Hermes replica handbag, but I couldn’t find everything that I needed…until now. Now I fully see the important differences between the original Hermes and a fake bag, all the small things that one would never notice without being pointed out by someone else. Thank you and I will be reading your blog!

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