How to Spot a LV Replica Bag by Studying the Hardware?

I love the designers’ bags and I am sure there are millions of women that feel the same like I do. It is very important for us to have beautiful handbags, to wear them daily in order to make a good impression and to look beautiful. This is the reason these kinds of bags are more and more expensive. As the time passes there are fewer women that can afford them. Luckily for us there are a lot of replicas on the market that are waiting for us to achieve them. The problem is with the quality of these bags. We need to be very careful when we buy them not to get poor quality items. Everything you need to know is exactly how the original bag looks like, feels like and what are the important security logos and other elements on the genuine bag so you can distinguish a good replica from a bad one.

LV hardware 2

Today I am going to talk about the differences between the original and replica hardware for a LV bag. You’ll have to know that almost all the metal parts on a Louis Vuitton bag have the LV name marked on. It doesn’t matter how big or small the bag is it still has all the metal parts marked with the Louis Vuitton name. This is not an optional thing; you should never buy one bag that doesn’t have these markings on the hardware. That bag will definitely be a bad replica and you’ll lose your money on a cheap looking purse. Also you should be aware of the quality of the markings; the ones on the genuine bags are very detailed and subtly embossed. On the replicas you’ll not always find them like this.

LV hardware 1

As you already know the quality of the materials used for the designer bags is the best, they use the finest and most refined materials for their purses. Of course this is the case with the hardware too. The hardware of a real LV has a treasured and elegant look but in the same time they are strong and resistant to intense usage.

lv hardware 3

The zippers used for the authentic Louis Vuitton bags are of course the best quality zippers; most probably they’ll use “YKK” or “Lampo” zippers. If you’ll see this on a replica bag that means that the manufacturer of that bag really cares about the quality of his products.

The metallic part of a Louis Vuitton bag is as important as the leather it is made of. If the bag has a bag hardware it will be very easy for everyone to see that the purse is a cheap replica and no one ever wants this.


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