Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Kimono Noir replica handbag review

What can I say? I can never resist the charms of a beautiful handbag. And the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Kimono Noir bag is such a beauty! It is a purse that steals the show in any crowd. With its inspired combination of Monogram canvas and refined calf leather it creates a unique appearance that suggests sophistication and elegance. Its graphic look is enhanced by the use of the Kimono motif which is basically, a V-cross cut that is reminiscent for the traditional Japanese robe. The elements that classifies this model as a chic and stunning LV purse are the eye-catching metallic V signature hardware, the long Toron leather handles and the flaring edge-dyeing. Besides its amazing cosmetic qualities, the LV Kimono is also a very practical bag as it is very light, easy to carry and spacious.

louis vuitton monogram canvas kimono noir

I have discovered this handbag a while ago when I was watching an Youtube reveal and I was instantly bewitched by its charms. The name Kimono says it all. It is a mysterious and exotic design that intrigues our imagination. One glance and you want to know more about its inner compartments, about the materials used, about how it feels on your arm and, more importantly, about how you can wear it with your favorite outfits. I simply love it. Louis Vuitton makes this gorgeous purse in 3 colors: Taupe Glace, Noir and Cherry. I decided to get the Noir version for my self because it is easier to match with the rest of your clothes and accessories. But I am secretly hoping that one day I also own the other two color options :)

My Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Kimono Noir replica bag was purchased from one of my favorite online stores: Bagsvita. I have been buying fake purses from this site for a couple of years now and I have always received beautiful bags that still look exceptional even after extensive wear. On their site I found both the Noir and Cherry color versions for the LV Kimono, but out of practical considerations I decided to get the black one. I have been wearing it for a couple of months now and I am ready to share my impressions with you.

louis vuitton monogram canvas kimono

The design

The LV Monogram Canvas Kimono is manufactured from calf leather and monogram canvas. The handbag measures 10.6 x 11.2 x 5.9 inches which turns it into a considerably spacious purse, perfect for work as you can stuff a lot of necessary things inside. Its design is unique due to its top V cut which resembles to the cleavage of a Kimono robe. The elegant combination of monogram canvas on the left half of the front with the black leather on the right half of the front creates a stunning visual effect. To accentuate its classy feel, there is a golden V that highlights the lower part of the “Kimono’s cleavage”. In fact, all the hardware used on this LV model is gold color. A very elegant choice, if you ask me. The handles are another distinctive part of the purse. These are long, tall and arched giving it a particular presence and distinction. My Louis Vuitton Kimono replica is unbelievably accurate. It looks just like the original bag and it feels very authentic and sturdy. The real leather is supple and smooth, plus it doesn’t bend easily so the purse stands tall by its own. Another interesting details of this purse is that it has an open design meaning it doesn’t have a top zipper closure. It closes just like the LV Neverfull. It has a D-ring and a clasp.

The inside

At the inside, the Louis Vuitton Kimono bag is simple and elegant. It has a microfiber lining which is easier to maintain than suede or lambskin. In the middle there is a zip compartment that attaches to the sides of the bag and it can’t be removed. But because this middle compartment is flat you can’t really fit that much inside. Maybe just your phone, IDs and important documents. On the replica Louis Vuitton Kimono that I got from Bagsvista.co there is the same dark color microfiber lining at the inside and the flat middle compartment with a top gold zipper closure. You can carry a lot in this bag as the inside is very spacious and there are no unnecessary compartments to limit your needs.

louis vuitton monogram canvas kimono inside

The handles

I really like the handles of this bag. I like everything about them- the fact that they are slim and tall, rounded and robust, comfortable and easy to slip on your arm. Because the LV Kimono is such a tall and spacious bag so it can carry so much stuff it really needed some very good handles and durable to distribute the weight evenly and  not hurt your arm. And these are really all of the undermentioned things. I have been using the bag at work and believe me when I say that I stuffed more than I can carry inside it, but when on my shoulder the replica LV Kimono felt comfortable and easy to carry.

The base

The bottom of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Kimono is rectangular shaped and it manufactured from black leather which is a bit more susceptible to wear and tear so I think that canvas would have been a better choice. The only positive thing about the leather base is that it is harder that canvas and it won’t bend that easily when you put things inside. There are 4 golden round studs applied on the bottom of the bag to protect the leather from scratches when you put it down.

The weight

When it is completely empty, the LV Kimono handbag is very lightweight. Due to its choice of materials, lack of numerous hardware and compartments it is a very light purse. But as it is very spacious, when it is full it can become quite heavy. This is where the rolled long handles come in and do their job of making the bag quite comfortable to carry on the shoulder or on your arm.


The Monogram Canvas Kimono is a very practical and easy to use bag. Its large interior and the presence of just one middle compartment help you stuff a lot of things inside. You can carry with you tall items as it is quite tall. It is perfect for work or for super busy moms who are always rushing between house, school and work so they need to always have a lot with them. And because there is no top zipper closure it only takes a second to grab what you need from inside the bag.

louis vuitton monogram canvas kimono hardware

It goes without saying, I am very happy with my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Kimono Noir replica bag. It is an amazing purse. Its eye-catching monogram augmented by the Kimono motif turns it into one of the most notable Monogram designs ever. And that says a lot about this bag. Both the design and the craftsmanship on my replica purse are flawless making it a very good imitation that has also the quality of being very durable and comfortable.

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