Louis Vuitton Twist MM

Lately I have been seeing many of my friends and work colleagues wearing a very interesting and beautiful handbag. The Louis Vuitton Twist MM caught my attention and I started collecting information about it since it is not one of the most popular LV bags.


It was first presented during the fall winter 2014 collection, and since then it managed to get a lot of colors and shapes. At this moment there is a very large variation of Louis Vuitton Twist MM bags on the market, and I have to admit that it is very hard for any of us to decide which one is the most beautiful.

Vivid colors, great leather, good shape, incredible design, these are all gathered in one bag: the Louis Vuitton Twist MM.


The most interesting thing about this handbag is the lock: you’ll have to twist the “L” letter upon the “V” letter in order to be able to open the bag. It looks very fancy and it is also a very secure way to close your bag.


The bottom of the bag has an unusual shape, it is not plane like we are used to, it is curved, like U shaped. Held and defined by two perfect stitched lines, this unregularly shape makes this bag so elegant and refined that you cannot resist getting one for yourself.


The Louis Vuitton Twist MM has a printed and embossed smooth Epi leather exterior, epi leather trim, microfiber lining and silver colored metallic pieces.

On the interior there are two pockets, one for cards and other small belongings and another one specially designed for the LV mirror. The mirror also has an Epi engraved leather tag that helps you to easily take it out when you need it.


There is enough room inside this bag so you can carry all your daily necessary stuff: full size wallet, keychain, napkins, cellphone and some lipsticks.

The handles are very beautiful; actually it is a silver chain, with an Epi engraved leather protection for the shoulder. The system of this chain allows you to wear it as it is, half way or around your neck. Either way this bag looks amazing and makes every lady that wears it look very beautiful.


All the hardware is embossed with the “Louis Vuitton Paris” logo and you can also find the same engravings on the pocket inside the bag and on the leather chain protection.

I enjoyed reviewing this Louis Vuitton Twist MM bag. I really think that it is suitable for any occasion, or any outfit, it can be worn with jeans or with an elegant evening dress, either way I am sure you’ll look very pretty and confident wearing it.





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