Replica Handbags Store Review:

The Art of Imitation is certainly not something that many replica handbags stores possess. It is a very difficult craft that is known only by a few of the fake purses companies we find online. Being able to make an exact replica from superior materials and with perfect logos and markings is something that just high end manufactures can acomplish. Is one of these merchants? Continue reading to find out!

The website has an elegant appearence, a high usability and beautiful banners. The design is completed by a great care for organizing the information very neatly.  On top of the page there is a sleek and slim menu with only the most popular brands while in the left there is a complete list with all the available designers.  The collection is very inclusive and it features some of the most famous brands in the world. Each category numbers hundreds of products, the largest one exceeding 1000 items. Luckly, the brands are organized in collections. This makes it so much easy to find the desired fake handbag.


What I do not like is the fact that it does not have a price filter or an advanced search option. And even if the brands are divided into collections, the resulting sub-categories still include hundreds of replicas. Browsing the products until finding a suitable item is really time consuming.

The prices of these bags are really reasonable. The wallets cost about $100 while the purses are about $200-$400 depending on the size, material and different functions and characteristics. The more expensive replicas are the luggage bags which are bigger and more sturdy.

The description page isn’t that good. It varies from product to product. Some have a very bulky introduction mentioning some ambigous details about the bags, while others have very brief information about general characteristics, but fo not mention particularities such as the number and type of inside buttons, zippers, tags or base feet studs.

The product pictures seem to be copied from two different catalogues. Some are photographed over a gray background while others are photographed over a white one.  Both type of pictures present the purses from numerous different angles and are quite clear. Still, I really do not think that these photos were taken in its own studio. says it accept payments with Visa, Western Union and Bank Wire to Bank of China. This clearly tells us that the company is based in China and that we can not expect to get too much professionalism from its part. Additionally, all orders paid by Western Union get a free pochette. What makes me doubt the security of this purchase is the fact that you are not asked for the prefered payment method when you submit the order. When placing the purchase you only see a message on the screen informing you that the payment details will be emailed to you. This isn’t at all professional.

The company ships packages worldwide and the delivery to major countries is free. The packages are shipped with EMS and UPS and a tracking number is supplied. The delivery by EMS takes about 7-14 business days while the ones with UPS takes about 5-7 business days. provides a 14 days return policy. Any customer who isn’t happy with the replica can choose to send it back for a refudn or exchange. If the returned product does not have a defect then the return is subject to a $30 restocking fee. The company does not seem to have a repairs policy or any other guarantee that ensures us of the durability of the replica bag after the first 14 days run out.

I am highly against ordering a replica from a company that can not be easily contacted. This website seems to be reachable only by email. It does not provide any phone number or live chat service, in order for its customer to be able to inquire about the products and policies. is a replica handbags online store that has both good and bad sides. The good things about this company are: reasonable prices, wide collection, free delivery and 14 days refund policy. The bad things are:  the photos that seem to be copied from different catalogues, not having a professional customer service, the unclear payment methods and not having a repairs warranty.

6 thoughts on “Replica Handbags Store Review:

  1. I found a bag that I like a lot on this site, do you think it is safe to order it, or do you recommend another store?

    • Hi,

      I have never bought replicas from this store so I do not know how reliable the company is.
      Most of my fake bags were bought from this Store and I am quite pleased with the way the purses look.

      Thank you,

    • HI Cara,

      I the order wasn’t delivered by now then you should consider the possibility that you were scammed.
      You should contact your bank urgently.


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