Replica Website Review: just isn’t my type of replica handbags online store. Nothing about it inspires any confidence or professionalism. It is plain ugly and old fashioned. It looks like a low budget business, one that is highly inexperienced and that has doubtful quality products. Still, let’s not be that quick to judge and see what are the actual pros and cons of this company.

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We all know that in the replica business looks is everything, but it seems like this company couldn’t care less. Considering its awful appearance, I cannot help but wonder what are its secrets? Is it the good quality of its products or the services it provides? Or is it just luck? The design is terrible. It has a red and white color scheme and a vintage small banner that only has the message “Hello Colors”. Next to this ambiguous banner there is a short menu bar that only includes 13 purses’ brands. And bellow the above mentioned banner there are the sponsored products. There is nothing glamorous or fashionable about this site, nothing to invite us to shop the latest designer handbags.

Browsing through the website is very easy as it only has one very simple top menu bar with only 3 brands, probably the most popular ones, and the more detailed left side menu bar that has just 13 designer names. The strange thing is that the important brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada or Hermes are not available. Even though Prada and Hermes are included in the menu, when you click on these categories you find out that they are empty. Furthermore, the categories that are actually available only include a couple hundred models. Not that many. A quick search through these replica bags will reveals that the collection is not that impressive and that it lacks the most popular purse models, those designs that every fashionista dreams of having.

Of course, no Advanced Search bar or filter is available, but this is not really a problem as the categories do not include that many models. You can search for your desired handbag the old fashion way: page by page. These replica purses are actually quite affordable as the prices vary from $200 to $400. There are only a few models that exceed $300 so buying a fake bag from this online store won’t mean using up all your savings.

The descriptions of these replica purses are not that well made. These are very short and schematic as they tend to present just the most basic information such as size, color and materials. Finer details such as the style of handles, detachable straps, inside zippers, studs and stitching are not presented. These matter a lot when it comes to determining the exactness and quality of a replica bag and should be correctly explained.

Strangely enough, does not have a page explaining its payment policy. We can only see in the bottom of the page that the accepted payment options are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Discover, but this isn’t completely true. After you checkout of the shopping cart you are informed that the only options it can process are Visa and Mastercard. Indeed, this is very disappointing, but it is still worth mentioning that I wouldn’t expect to be one of the few online replica companies that can process Mastercard payments. Nowadays, only a few fake online sites can process this credit card company.

I cannot believe the fact that does not have any sections on its website where it talks about its shipping and return policy. I have searched on every inch of this online site and I didn’t find a word about these very important aspects of any shopping process. I think that not mentioning these very important policies on your Internet store looks suspicious and unprofessional. All replica bags website should clearly detail what are their policies regarding shipping and returns.

The only thing I did see was that the delivery is $0. I have noticed these when trying to submit an order. There was only one available shipping method and it was free. Still, it did not say how much time it takes and with what shipping company will the packages be sent with.

I have to admit that has very good product pictures. Even though these are not the best quality or clarity I have seen so far, they do manage to be very descriptive and suggestive. To be more exact, all fake bags have about 10 or more pictures that show the products from all sides and focus on every minor detail. The goal here is to present the degree of accuracy of these replica purses, to see how exact these copies really are. Touché!

I couldn’t really say that what this replica bags online store offers is an actual customer service, or at least not my definition for customer service. Indeed, it has a Contact Form included on the website o you can send your message in and also a Hotmail account where you can email your inquiries, but no phone number or chat service is available. It is my absolute conviction that if a company isn’t easy to reach then it cannot be trusted. surely is not a professional replica handbags online store. It is an amateur company that tries to get a brake on the web by selling fake designer purses. It is not a solid or liable business and my recommendation is not to trust it with your hard earned money. What are my reasons for saying this? Well, there are way too many: there is no information posted on the website about the accepted payment methods, about its return and warranty process or about its delivery policy; also the company isn’t at all easy to reach and its collection seems to have large gaps and discrepancies. I, for one, wouldn’t shop here!

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