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Honestly, is rather a common looking online store, one that does not leave the impression of luxury, style and elegance. From a shop that mentions the “vogue element”, I would at least expect some decent fashion sense and a clue of what aesthetics means. Maybe, I’m too rough on it, but there is nothing that hot about this website. It has a plain white background, a simple grayish menu bar, and a blunt sliding banner. I honestly hope that its replicas handbags are better than its looks.


As I was saying earlier, the top side menu bar is a grayish one, very simple and very easy to use. It has only nine of the available purses’ brands; probably the best selling ones and a button called “Other Brands” reveal the other seven also supported bags designer names. When you roll the mouse over some buttons you see the sub-collections as a drop-down list. From here, you can start searching for your dream handbag. From my point of view, the collection is wide enough and it includes the most relevant designers on the planet. Any woman passionate by fashion and especially with bags will feel like heaven here.

The products are nicely organized into easy to browse sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections. I love this! It makes searching for your preferred style of purse a lot easier. Plus, in the left side of the page there is an advanced search bar that allows you to sort the replica handbags by color and price. Additionally, there is a top side filter that can sort the items by price or name. Just the right set of tools to help you find that perfect bag!

I think that the prices of the fake handbags are quite accessible. And I say this because the bags only cost about $200-$200. The wallets are a lot cheaper, as the prices for these vary from $70 to $100, and the luggage cases are about $300-$400 depending on their size. I like the way the product descriptions are made. These are very short, easy to understand and informative. For example, for the luggage bags it even says that the wheels are noiseless and that a strap is included to secure smaller bags to the top. Every small detail is mentioned because indeed everything matters when you are looking to buy a replica bag online. can process payments with Visa card, Bank Wire, Western Union and Money Gram. The list of accepted payment options is quite satisfactory and able to meet everyone’s possibilities. I agree that we would all prefer a larger range of credit cards, but nowadays the access of replica merchants to card payment processing has been limited drastically, so forget about Mastercard, Amex or Maestro. These, as well as Paypal, are not an option anymore.

Shipping isn’t free. The delivery is $25 for Ems or $49 for FEDEX, UPS or DHL. The price difference is huge, but I guess that if you want the order twice faster then you just have to pay. Packages that are sent with EMS take about 7 to 15 working days to get to the recipients address while pages shipped with the express option take only3-5 working days. And also, let’s not forget that the order needs about 2 business days to be prepared for dispatch.

The company is not that keen on explaining its return policy. There is no special page dedicated to this very important aspect of your purchase. There are only a few words mentioned in the bottom of the homepage. There, we are informed that within the first 14 days from the delivery, the products can be returned for a refund. Still, it does not say a thing about a replacement or repairs warranty. Any person who buys replica bags online wants to know what his options are if the fake purse breaks a couple of weeks after receiving it.

I am so happy to finally see a replica bags online store that knows the value of quality product photos. For the Internet shopper, seeing is believing and until the fake handbag is delivered, the only way of seeing is in the pictures. If a company has such good and clear photos as Vogue-Element has, the customer will be almost convinced that it is a good deal. These images are of very good quality, so clear and detailed that you feel like you have the fake bags in front of you. Every angle and design particularity is closely photographed and presented.

Vogue-Element seems to understand the importance of a responsive customer service as well. On the website there is Live Chat button that is functional. It is not just for show. It actually works. I was very surprised to see this as lately all replica bags stores that had one, was there just for decorative purposes. This one works and it allowed me to chat with one of their representatives, a very nice and polite one that took the time to clarify all my questions. Indeed, the company does not have a contact phone number, but as long as it has decent chat service, I don’t think that it makes that much difference. is one of those fake bags online stores that is based in China, but somehow manages to provide some pretty decent services. This being said, I have to remind you what its downsides are: poor website design, limited payment options, costly shipping fee, and an inconvenient return policy. On the other hand, the replica company is able to supply low cost high quality fake designer handbags, a wide range of famous brands replica purses, worldwide delivery, accurate product description, excellent pictures for its bags and responsive customer service.

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