Replica Website Review: is a very unusual replica handbags online store. Indeed, it has a plain and white background, simple black menu, and white&black promotional banners, but the main banner is a very large image of a woman standing in a field of wheat while holding a big bag. It looks very unusual and without any sort of fashion or style sense.


In the top menu bar we find a very wide range of products, such as Handbags, Wallets, Sunglasses, Jewelry, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing and Belts. Still, we are interested in handbags and today we will only speak about fake purses.  The first button from the menu bar is for the Bags and once you click it, it loads a new page that displays the available brands in the left side of the page. The company sells over 20 different purse designers names, featuring some of the most loved brands on earth.

Browsing the replica handbags isn’t easy at all. This is because the fake purses aren’t organized into sub-collections. For each brand there are about 10-15 pages of replica bags that must be viewed page by page. This is really time consuming and the website doesn’t have any way of filtering the products. There is no Advanced Search available and as I said earlier the brands aren’t divided into sub-categories.

I do not know what to make about this site. The products do not have any prices listed. As a matter of fact, there is alos no descripton for the fake handbags. And as this wasn’t enough there is only one photo for each replica purse. There are no additional pictures so you can see the inside of the bag, the interior pockets, the base and the metallic parts. Also, the images have Chinese characters written on them so obviously these fake bags are made in China and shipped from there.

The amazement continues. I really can not comprehend how this company is supposed to sell replica handbags online if it doesn’t even have a “buy now” button. If you click on the “Payment” page you don’t see any kind of information about the accepted payment methods. This is a mess. The only thing it tells you is to contact the company by email if you wish to place an order. Why would I want to order anything from this place when the store seems so unproffessional, it is obviously based in China and it doesn’t give you any sort of information about its products?

On the shipping page, we are informed that all orders over $200 get free delivery, if the delivery country is USA, Canada, UK or Australia. Still, does not say what are the delivery costs for the customers that are not from these countries, it does not mention the companies that will be used to dispatch the order or the actual delivery time.

Of course, there is no word on the whole site about having a replacement or refund policy. I am not very found about these type of companies. I want to know from the start what to expect from a replica bag purchase.

I wasn’t expecting for this company to have an actual customer service, but I was surprised to see that it has a functional chat service. I contacted an operator and it replied to all of my questions. This is how I found out that the store accepts Western Union and Money Gram payments, which aren’t that secure. I recommend credit card payments for online purchases. Next, I found out that the only thing you can do if you receive a defective fake purse from this company is to contact customer service in 2 days from the delivery, report the problem and send pictures. They will send you a replacement with your next order.  I am not sure why am I supposed to order another bag if the first one came defective. This is the moment I decided to ended the chat. My opinion about this replica handbags company was crystal clear.

I honestly to not advise you to order from This company is very unprofessional and appears to be very unrealiable. The products do not have prices, descriptions or additional photos displayed. On the photos there are Chinese characters which shows that the replica bags are made and shipped from CHina. It does not accept credit card payments, it only takes Western Union and Money Gram. And the replacement policy seems to me very unfair.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this web site with us. I really appreciate it. It is a sensitive period of time for all of us as we are all looking for nice presents for Cristmas and it is importantfor us to know as much as we can about the stores we intend to shop from.

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