Top Five Iconic Louis Vuitton Bags

There is no fashion girl on the internet that doesn’t know how a Louis Vuitton bag looks like, all of us love them and all of us want at least one of these beautiful bags in our wardrobe. This Company enchants us with these great purses since 1854, so for more than 150 years we have access to the most amazing bags on the planet. They produce all kinds of bags: fashion bags, sports bags, wallets and luggage and all of them are known for their flawless craftsmanship and beauty. Out of this dozen of models there are five of them that have stood the test of time and popularity.

lv capucines


The Louis Vuitton Neverfull has been introduced on the market 9 years ago and since then it has become one of the LV best sellers. It is always exactly what you need it to be. Spacious but not bulky, very well structured but in the same time supple, very easy to wear anywhere you intend to go. The side laces can easily transform this bag from a city bag to a practical tote. It can be worn on the shoulder or on your arm. All the LV Neverfull bags have colorful, printed interior lining and they all come with a small pouch.




The LV Speedy has been launched in 1930 and it was inspired by that era’s travel revolution. It is the ultimate Louis Vuitton icon, the most popular bag that ever existed, very suited to wear as a city bag perfectly completing any outfit. Elegant, practical and hard-wearing, this bag was designed to be the most affordable LV bag, one that can be worn by older and younger women. Practical and easy to wear due to the crossbody strap and duffle-like shape that fits along the human body quite naturally. The LV Speedy is very popular in monogrammed canvas but it is also produced in Damier canvas and epi leather and as limited editions in graffiti, artist collaborations, pop-art pandas, and more.

bandouliere 1


There is a nice story about this Noe LV bag. It is said that in 1932 a Champagne producer asked Gaston-Louis Vuitton to create a bag that can fit five bottles of bubbly. No sooner said than done, this bag had a shape and this is the shape of the Noe LV bag. It was not very appreciated in the first years, but in the recent years it started to be gain popularity and to be appreciated for its real value. This bag comes in all the LV materials and colors, including monogram canvas and leather.

Louis Vuitton noe bb damier canvas


The name of this beautiful bag comes from the Rue des Capucines in Paris and it was inspired by the first store opened by Louis Vuitton in 1854 on this exact street. All the Capucines bags are made of leather, there is no canvas Capucines bag and each one of them is a testament to fine leather craftsmanship. A very interesting aspect is the fact that this bag can be worn on both sides: outside to reveal the outline of a Monogram flower, or inside to show the LV initials.

lv capucines replica


The LV Alma is one of the oldest iconic bags created by this Company. It was first launched in 1934 and since then it has been a real example of elegance and wearability. It comes in three sizes and the contemporary version of the iconic silhouette, crafted of Épi leather, comes in an array of bright, bracing colors.

red LV alma

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